Wholesale Sunglasses

When it comes to certain things, buying wholesale can save you a lot of money. Wholesale is a great way to save money because buying in bulk usually gets you a discount from the retailers. Groceries, diapers, clothing, sometimes buying wholesale is a wonderful option. If you own a store or sell items online, wholesale is a great way to increase your earnings and this way, you can keep your prices reasonable whithout sacrificing your earnings.

Did you know that you can even buy sunglasses wholesale? That’s right. Wholesale sunglasses are also available to you. This is great for the fashonista who must have multiple pairs, the shop owner and the generous gift giver. If you buy several pairs to give to your dear friends you can make them smile without having to break the bank.

Wholesale is one of the best innovations given to man kind. If you have a huge family, wholesale items will actually help you out a lot. By paying a few extra dollars for that bigger box of cereal you will actually find that you saved even more.

Wholesale sunglasses may seem a little out there. Groceries can be one thing but sunglasses can be put into a whole different category all together. However, as mentioned earlier, if you, for example, enjoy having multiple pairs of sunglasses for your dynamic wardrobe then buying sunglasses piece meal may end up hurting your pocketbook. However, if you buy them in bulk, it’s a win win situation. You get all the pairs you want at a fraction of the price. Now if that doesn’t sound like a good deal to you then I simply do not know what will.

If you are concerned that buying presents wholesale, and if they are sunglasses may also make you come out as a cheap person then you are sorely mistaken. A gift is not in the value but in the thought and concern behind it.

If you are concerned that buying something like your sunglasses wholesale may seem tacky well then you must remember, its not the sunglasses that make the man but the man that makes the sunglasses.

NoveltyDesigner Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be the accessory to make your outfit just right. Now we all know and that sunglasses are so much more than just that, they are also protection for your eyes. However, sunglasses do not simply serve for form and function, they can be fun too.

Novelty sunglasses are great, they go from extreme to clever, sure you may not always have an occasion to wear them at but its great to have a couple laying around in case you don’t have a costume for that Halloween party that you were invited to at the last minute or if you are in a festive mood.

Novelty glasses can be so much fun.  They come in many outrageous shapes, colors and even sizes. There are those shaped like guitars, beer bottles or mugs, cocktails glasses, palm trees, cats and almost every shape you can imagine. A pair of novelty sunglasses can put any costume over the top. It can bring much needed cheer to any party and can make any party goer be the center of attention.

Perhaps the most famous novelty sunglasses are the ones created by Richard Sclafani and Peter Cicero. One night in the year 1990 whilst they were in a beer soaked state of mind, they began talking about how to revolutionize the design of sunglasses. They then came up with the famous 1991 sunglasses and realized that despite their drunken haze, they may actually have come up with something worth marketing. They used the bottom stems of the nines to go as a place for the lenses. After selling 500 pairs that new year, they came up with a new pair for every year. Because of their great success and despite the fact that they patented the design (which many manufacturers found ways around), they suddenly found themselves in a funk and decided to bow out of the novelty sunglasses game in 2009. Today, they produce other novelties but their revolutionary idea continues to invade the streets each and every New Year.

Designers have also tapped into the novelty sunglass market, their designs may not be as ostentatious as those in a costume shop but they have found that Designer Novelty sunglasses have a place in the whimsical hearted as well. They perhaps tap into the more retro styles as opposed to huge Christmas balls hanging from the arms of the sunglasses.

One thing is certain. Novelty designer sunglasses are a grand invention indeed.




Designer Sunglasses for your Dogs.

Dog is man’s best friend. For ages, we have had dogs as pets, friends and trusty companions, whether it be for hunting, guarding our houses or an extra accessory in our little handbags, dogs are a favorite pet because of their good disposition, loyalty and the love that they can give.

The dog, or Canis Lupus Familiaris, comes from the blood lines of the Gray Wolf that has been domesticated. Their wolf ancestors first served the Ancient Egyptians, mostly to aid in hunting and to guard the palace. There is record of domesticated canines on many ancient artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and rome.

These days, dogs are kept more as pets than anything else and it has become a trend to cater to dogs just as one would with a human. There are a number of places that cater specifically to people who want to pamper their best friends. Restaurants, clothing boutiques, parks and even salons that exist solely to pamper your pooch and make them feel like a king or queen. Wealthy people even go so far as to throw lavish events and parties for their pets and their friends spending thousands and thousands just to make their pets happy.

More and more clothing and apparel for dogs are being produced, Beyond the normal fare of chew toys, bowls and beds, there are whole lines of clothing now being produce just for your loyal pets, jackets, sweaters, outfits, hats boots and even designer sunglasses.

Of course it makes sense, if one protects their own eyes from the harsh rays of the sun then shouldn’t your pet get the same as well?

One such brand that designs sunglasses for dogs is called Doggles. These are designed specifically with a dog’s special needs in mind. A dog will not have the same eyesight as a human obviously, so not just any pair will do. The frames are wraparound so that your dog can run around without dislodging them. They are also vented to keep your dig as cool as he looks. They are made out of tough and durable material to avoid scratching or shattering and of course house lenses that are UV proof.

So when in comes to having fun and the sun with man’s best friend, pop on you sunnies, and grab your doggles as well.

Designer Sunglasses for Golfers

Golf is not a sport for everyone, if you desire action, loud spectators and men with beer bellies and painted faces then this is not the game for you. Golf is about patience, precision and a knack for knowing how to handle the elements. The origin of golf is often in dispute amongst historians. Some say that it dates back all the way to the first century B.C. in Rome after a game called Paganica. Others also claim that it originated from China from a game called Chuiwan played during the fourth and eighth centuries. Wherever it was originally patterned from the modern version of the game originated from Scotland where it was recorded that it was banned by King James II as it was seen as a distraction from practicing archery.

Golf can be tricky because there are many elements that come into play. The difficulty uf the course, the weather conditions and knowing how hard to hit and making sure that the ball goes in the right direction. Being a good golfer like Tiger Woods can take years and Years of practice and hours upon hours of training. Just like a golfer needs the perfect clubs, the most comfortable shoes and clothes, the most perfect hat and the best qulity of balls, sunglasses are no exception and need to berfect as weel. Mirrored and polarized sunglasses can be the best types of sunglasses for golfers.

Sunglasses can be as important for golfers as their clubs. On a bright and sunny day, which is usually when people go out to play golf, a pair of sunglasses can be your best friend to make sure you get that shot in and improve your handicap.

Some brands that are popular for producing designer sunglasses for sports such as golf are Nike, Oakley, Bolle, Ray-Ban, Peak Vision and many many more.

Whether you want to score par, bogey, triple bogey, eagle, ostrich or hole in one, sunglasses are sure to aid when the sun is being particularly beaming

Oakley Designer Sunglasses–A Look Since the 1980’s

The 1980’s babies are now all grown up or in the process of getting there. Nostalgia is brought up by reminiscing, there were so many good things about the 1980’s but some would say that fashion was not one of them. The big hair and bright Technicolor fashions may seem a bit garish now, but in their own way, they are making a comeback. These days it’s all about retro fashion. Now, sunglasses in the 89’s were a different story. MTV revolutionized fashion and sunglasses was a big part of every music video. Oakley sunglasses were born during this era. Always innovative in both design and technology , Oakley Designer Sunglasses began to get popularized because of the athletes who wore them and their adoring fans. Soon, they were flying off the shelves. To this very day, Oakleys remain to be extremely popular because they continue to present dynamic designs and still discover breakthroughs in technology in order to ensure that they produce nothing but the best.

Older designs, specifically those that were first produced in the 1980’s are now a retro fashion, but as it was mentioned earlier, retro is definitely in. Other things may not seem as desirable when it comes to 1980’s fashions but the sunglasses are definitely an exception to that rule.

In the 1980’s sunglasses tended to have brighter colors and bolder frames, not very different from what designers try to innovate today. At the time Oakley had not yet produced the famous O as their logo, instead, the whole name tended to be spelled out on the arms. These days these old Oakleys have become a collector’s item and tend to fetch a pretty penny. They can be found in auction houses, online and perhaps in your mother’s closet locked away in a trunk with perhaps, dare it be mentioned, an old bottle of aquanet hairspray? They produced wayfarers whichwas a popular style at the time, and if you look around today, this is still a popular design.

Oakley as a brand that solely produces eyewear is a company that has stood the test of time. Be it retro or brand new, it seems Oakley Designer Sunglasses are here to stay.

Designer Sunglassesby Any Other Name

All around the world people have different terms for sunglasses. Sunglasses are a staple accessory all around the world. Here is a list of some of the terms used for sunglasses.

–          Shades- this is one of the most widely used word for sunglasses in North America and other countries.

–          Spekkies- This term is commonly used in some parts of Australia.

–          Sun Spectacles- This is a term used by many optometrists.

–          Sun Specs- This is the shortened term for sun spectacles.

–          Glares- This is a term that is popularly used in India if the lenses are dark, if the lenses are light then they call them “Coolers”

–          Sunglass- a monocle version of sunglasses.

–          Smoked Spectacles- This is what the darkened eye pieces that blind people wear are usually called.

–          Sunnies- This is a slang term that is used a lot in the UK, New Zealand and also Australia.

–          Dark Glasses- Common usage of a generic term.

–          Sun Shades- A derivative of shades.

–          Glecks- This is a slang term for glasses and sunglasses in Scottish.

–          Solar Shields-  This is usually the term used for oversized sunglasses.

–          Stunna Shades- in the hyphy era, this term was used in reference to sunglasses and oversized lenses.

–          Cooling Glasses- In India and the Middle East, this is the term that is commonly used for sunglasses.

–          Maddoggers- Another term popularly used in the UK.

Whatever you call them anywhere in the world, sunglasses are popular and there seems to be no end in sight for their reign in popularity.

Different Styles of Designer Sunglasses

There is a style to fit everyone and everyone that fits a style, at least this is true when it comes to designer sunglasses.

There are many styles available when it comes to designer sunglasses. Here is a list of some of the more popular styles we have today.

Aviators- The Aviator is one of the more classic styles of sunglasses, The lenses are somewhat teardrop shaped and usually have a thin metal frame. Originally developed by Bausch and Lomb whose sunglasses branch was to be called Ray-Ban, for the U.S. military in the early 1990’s, the increased in popularity due to General McArthur’s photographs while wearing a pair on the shores of the Philippines during World War II.

Clip-ons- Clip-ons were made for those people who wear glasses, they are lenses you can put on top of your glasses, this  is a much cheaper alternative to getting a pair of sunglasses that are in themselves corrective, another alternative to clip on sunglasses are the flip-up sunglasses.

Gradient Lens Sunglasses- Gradient lenses have different shades of color, the top being darker and the bottom lighter. This type of sunglasses is best for activities such as driving since a person can still see ahead clearly while getting protection from the sun.

Mirrored Sunglasses- Mirrored sunglasses have lenses that have been coated with a layer of mirrored surface. This helps deflect any incoming sunlight although it does not necessarily block out UV rays, this style is great for driving as well.

Oversized Sunglasses- Popularized by none other than Jackie Onasis, these sunglasses are more of a fashion trend than anything else although since they are larger they protect not only the eyes but the skin around the general area of the eyes.

Tea Shades- Also known as John Lennon glasses or Ozzy Glasses after Ozzy Osbourn, these small sunglasses were usually related to Rock Stars in the 1960’s. Small with perfectly round lenses, these sunglasses were usually worn mainly for easthetic purposes more than anything else.

Wayfarers- In 1952 Ray-Ban created the wayfarer. Trapezoidal in shape this is one of the most recognizable styles of sunglasses and remains to be a classic, even though there was a time that they were almost stopped from being produced. They are one of the more iconic styles just like the Aviator.

All you have to so is be sure that you know what style of designer sunglasses fit you best and make sure you find a pair that you look and feel great in.

The Anatomy of A Pair of Designer Sunglasses (Part 3)

When in comes to sunglasses made for sports, nylon is preferred due to the flexibility of the material, not to mention the fact that is tends to be extremely flexible and lightweight. Even under pressure, they have the malleability to flex and return to their original shape, this also aids in allowing the sunglasses to have a better grip on the wearer’s face. At the other end of the spectrum, metal frames tend to be a lot more rigid, making them less ideal for sports. Due to their rigidity, many models are fitted with spring loaded hinges. The arms are usually hooked and fitted with rubber or plastic in order to allow the sunglasses a better grip on the wearer’s face. Some models like Oakley have straight arms or stems.

There are three common styles in which frames are made to hold the lenses: Frameless, full frame and half frame. Just as the name implies, full frames go all around the lenses, while half frames only go half way around. There are two types of frameless sunglasses, one is two lenses connected by a piece in the middle and supported by the arms or stems on each side, the other is a single piece lens that is connected to the arms or stems of the sunglasses.

Frames can be made to hold the lenses in several different ways. There are three common styles: full frame, half frame, and frameless. Full frame glasses have the frame go all around the lenses. Half frames go around only half the lens; typically the frames attach to the top of the lenses and on the side near the top.

Frameless glasses have no frame around the lenses and the ear stems are attached directly to the lenses. There are two styles of frameless glasses: those that have a piece of material connecting the two lenses, and those that are a single lens with ear stems on each side.

The third and final part of a pair of sunglasses is the nose bridge. This is the part that connects two lenses in the middle and has little legs that sit on the nose to keep them from slipping, some styles especially those that utilize plastic material, fashion the supports into the design while other that use metal may use two rubber guards.

All together, these parts make up one amazing little accessory: Designer Sunglasses.

The Anatomy of A Pair of Designer Sunglasses (Part 2)

To continue discussing designer sunglasses, specifically their lenses:

Lenses can be made from either plastic or glass. The plastic used in sunglasses are typically composed of polyurethane, acrylic, CR-39 or polycarbonate. When it comes to clarity and resistance to scratches, glass is your best bet however, they tend to be heavier than plastic lenses, they also have lower tolerance to pressure and have a higher tendency to shatter and break. On the other hand, plastic lenses are more prone to scratching but are more shatter resistant and lighter. CR-39 is the most popular material used for lenses since it is fairly lighter, has optimum protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays and is more scratch resistant than other plastics.

Lenses do not only have single colors but some have gradients as well. Some are darker on top and lighter at the bottom, since the top is generally where you shift your eyes when looking up it provides more protection from the sun.

For people who wear corrective glasses, many innovations of lenses have been developed to protect them from the sun as well

Clip on lenses are designed to fit over regular lenses like for a pair of glasses for example, which can be ideal for those who wear spectacles. There are also flip-top sunglasses that can be flipped up when the shaded lenses are not needed. Recently, Photocromic lenses have also become more and more popular, these are lenses on glasses that darken accordingly when exposed to sunlight.

The other part of a pair of designer sunglasses would be the frames.

The frames hold the lenses and come in many shapes, sizes and colors as well. They are generally made from metal alloy, metal, nylon, titanium or plastic and in some cases such as in pairs created by the likes of Moss Lipow, leather. Each material has their pros in cons but in general are the best materials for frames of designer sunglasses.

The Anatomy of A Pair of Designer Sunglasses (Part 1)

That’s right, we will be discussing the parts of sunglasses, sunglasses are not as simple as they look. In the previous post, we found out about the standards that every single pair of sunglasses has to meet. Now, let’s talk about their different parts.

First, The lenses, the lenses are a very, if not the most vital part of a pair of sunglasses. These are the instruments that will protect those lovely peepers and keep them safe from the big bad sun. Lenses can come in many colors, however, it could be essential for you to know that the different colors exist not only to match your outfit but serve a purpose as well. In general red, gray, yellow and brown are best for general use in order to avoid color distortion.

Green and Gray lenses: These colors of lenses are considered neutral because they are able to maintain the transference of true colors.

Brown Lenses: These increase contrast but can cause some distortion of colors.

Blue or purple lenses: These have no main function and are mainly aesthetic in form.

Orange and Yellow lenses: Yellow lenses are popular amongst pilots, fishermen, shooters, boaters and hunters. This is because they increase contrast and perception although they do tend to increase color distortion.

Turquoise Lenses: These lenses are ideal for high to medium light conditions since they do not cause any major color distortions but are extremely good for enhancing contrast.

Clear lenses usually mainly serve as protection from debris and other matter that can go into your eyes. They have nothing to do whatsoever with protection from light.

Color is not the only factor when it comes to lenses of designer sunglasses, there are different kinds of lenses as well.

There are of course polarized lenses that are used to minimize glare in certain conditions. There are other posts on this blog that delve into more details about them.

There are also mirrored lenses. Mirrored lenses are lenses that have been applied with a mirror coating, thus deflecting the light as it hits the lenses. These kinds of lenses can be extremely useful in condtions were the light is very bright but is not necessarily a tool for blocking UV rays.

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