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Fake Oakley Eye Jackets vs. Authentic Oakley Eye Jackets,
Pictures Included

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After viewing numerous authentic pairs of these glasses and also viewing twenty pairs of fakes I consider myself knowledgeable on the differences between authentic and fake.

Oakley no longer produce the Eye Jackets style of Oakley. Fake Oakley Eye Jackets, make up, around, 95% of the Oakley Eye Jackets seen on the on-line market.
These fakes usually include paper work, cleaning bags, and original boxes, do not be fooled! I encourage potential buyers to be very careful when buying this style of Oakley’s. The subsequent are some of the best suggestions on locating 100% authentic Oakley Eye Jackets.

The very best way to establish if a pair of Oakley Eye Jackets is genuine is to essentially hold them in your hand and touch them. Fake Eye Jackets have a cheap synthetic and artificial feel. Much like a fragile plastic construction. Fake Oakley’s are inclined to break apart at the joint of the ear piece near the “ear rubber”.

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The rubber ear pieces on genuine Oakley Eye Jackets are eraser like and are soft to the touch, whereas fake Oakley Eye Jackets have rubber that has a synthetic feel to it. Also the fake Eye Jackets also break apart at the hinges connecting the arm to the front frame. Another factor in the feel and look which is hard to establish exclusively from internet pictures is the paint quality on the frame. Authentic Oakley’s have a deep coated, plastic, enamel used to paint the frame.

If you are unable to see and hold the Oakley’s before you purchase, here are some further characteristics, which you would do well to consider. Do not look at the logo on the bridge of the nose as a decisive factor in genuineness. Fake Eye Jackets have the same branded markings on the nose of the frame as those of originals.

It is better to carefully examine the side “O” logo on either side of the sunglasses. Genuine Eye Jackets have a separate, metallic, “O” logo that is not molded with the frame, but rather glued to the frame after the molding.

Also the hinge, as seen from the side, should be a curved, contoured, shape. If you look at pictures of the Eye Jacket’s, and either the “O” is molded as part of the frame itself or the hinge is a boxy square pattern, they are 100% forged.

Examine these pictures carefully and contrast them to the sunglasses you are going to purchase on-line. It is tricky, if not nearly impossible to go to a trustworthy store and try-out genuine Oakley Eye Jackets because they are not manufactured anymore. Responsible buyers should use this guide carefully.

Authentic Eye Jacket Examples:

authentic oakley

Note the Rounded hinge and metallic logos on side.
Nose Logo does not have “R” printed on it.
Molded “Jacket” on inner ear piece, opposite ear piece reads: “CE MADE IN USA”

Counterfeit Eye Jacket Examples:

fake oakley

Note chipping paint, and molded “O” logo.
Note the lack of molded inscription inside.
Note “R” at the end of the Oakley logo on nose, real logo looks identical without “R”.

In conclusion if you feel that you have bought fake Oakley’s on-line, contact the seller and inform them about the situation.
If you do suspect them to be fake, inquire about the Oakley’s before you
buy, and ask for pictures of the areas detailed above. Even asking for someone’s personal guarantee that they are 100% authentic, regardless of the description, is a good way to let a seller have a chance to
“come clean” before you buy.

Please keep in mind, Eye Jackets sold for between $95 and $150 They were made during 1996 and 2001. Since then, there are not that many obtainable on the market and the only place to buy them is on-line. If you think you are getting a deal, is it a deal for you or a scam?

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