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The A frame Oakley sunglasses come with Spring Hinge and a very light weight Frame. They provide exceptional sun screen when out in the sunlight. However they do lack polarization. They are durable, stylish and very comfortable to wear.

The spring hinges provide that extra snug fit around your head ensuring they won't fall off during sporting activities. Furthermore, the light weight frames don't cause a problem with headaches as my be found with the Switch brand.


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Oakley A Frame Sunglasses

STYLE: They are the epitome of style as far as sunglasses go, in my opinion. This particular pair has a funky pair of lenses that shift from red to blue depending on angles with a black frame. I often get compliments on them.

Save on all your eyewear, sunglasses and contacts.

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COMFORT: The arms don't wrap around your ears. It makes for a much more comfortable fit, regardless of how big/small your head is. Surprisingly, this design does NOT compromise stability.

I have a habit of putting my Oakley's on top of my head when I'm in-doors. I have had these on for up to 8 hours without even realizing it because they are so comfortable.

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