Oakley Big Square Wire Sunglasses
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You will like these Oakley big square wire sunglasses, but the lenses are not polarized. They look nice, fit larger sized faces, and are on sale. Oakley brand sunglasses are usually never, never on sale.

They look great and have the mirrored lenses and the metal look. The frames may be a bit heavy/bulky though, for plastic lenses. Usually, sunglasses with glass lenses are heavier. Since the frames do not wrap around behind the ears.

Clarity is very good, but since the lenses are not polarized, what you see seems darker compared to looking through polarized lenses, not as good on partly cloudy days.

These glasses do not come with a hard case, but a plastic cloth bag that you use to clean the lenses with. It will not protect the glasses in case you need to stick them in your bag or if you drop them. So now you know why a lot of people hang their Oakleys on top of, or behind their heads, besides just showing off. That's because there is no soft case with a clasp or hard case offered.

Oakley Big Square Wire Sunglasses


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Oakley Big Square Wire Sunglasses

Save on all your eyewear, sunglasses and contacts.

Oakley Big Square Wire Sunglasses

These sunglasses have style and are good for driving. They come with a soft cover pouch which can be used as a cleaning cloth. Sure to impress. Take a lok at our prices.

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