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Oakley Minute Sunglasses

The Oakley Minute Sunglasses provide wrap-around protection, in a reasonably sized package. The clean, stylish lines of the Minutes work equally well complimenting your casual clothes, business suit, or jacket. Stylish enough even for formal occasions. The shatterproof Plutonite lenses have a glare-reducing Iridium coat and sport a tint that's ideal for bright conditions. Specially designed to wrap around smaller faces.

The Oakley Minute Sunglasses are For smaller faces intent on sporting big style. At a great price you can afford. No reason for you not to be sporting Oakley.


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Oakley Minute Sunglasses


Oakley Minute Sunglasses

Oakley Minute Sunglasses are very affordable and durable. They come with the distinctive 'O' as do most Oakley sunglasses.

Wearing Oakley is a fashion statement and trend you cannot afford to be without. Oakley are recognized for their innovative design and technological development in optics.

Many models and brands are not displayed on our website but may be available. Please inquire if you have a particular style and model in mind. Our extensive range of Oakley Designer Sunglasses includes items not displayed.