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New RayBan Sunglasses


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New Ray Ban Sunglasses are available from our website. We only sell authentic genuine Rayban, that is fully guaranteed. Imagine yourself in a pair of Rayban Wayfarer or Ray Ban Aviation sunglasses. We stock old as well as new models, and if we dont have the particular model you are after, we will try our best to get if for you.

Although Wayfarers were worn in the 1980 movie The Blues Brothers, merely eighteen thousand pairs were sold in 1981, and Wayfarers were on the brink of being discontinued.


Ray Ban Shooter

Ray Ban Shooter

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New Ray Ban Sunglasses


Model: RB3139
Colour: OO2

Model: RB3139
Colour: OO3/50

Model: RB3139
Colour: OO3/46

in 1982 Ray-Ban signed a $50,000-a-year deal with Unique Product Placement of Burbank, California, to place Ray-Bans into television and movie shows. Ray-Bans appeared in over sixty television shows and movies every year between 1982 and 1987.

Tom Cruise wore Wayfarers in the 1983 movie Risky Business After this sales climbed to 360,000 per year. By 1986, after further appearances in Miami Vice and Moonlighting, sales had reached 1.5 million. Ray-Ban's Wayfarer offerings expanded from two models in 1981 to more than 40 models in 1989 and Wayfarers were the decade's sunglasses of choice.

Now you can own a pair of your very own Ray Ban sunglasses at an affordable price.

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