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Ray Ban Large Metal sunglasses are designed with a lightweight and durable metal frame. They come with a scratch/impact-resistant lens and guarantee 100% UV protection & outstanding optical clearness. Ray-Ban sunglasses are some of the best-selling brand worldwide!

Ray Ban Metal sunglasses can be purchased through this website designersunglasses.co.nz. Please add your name to the form on the left of this page to ensure you receive our up to date lists of available brands and models.

Please remember that Ray Ban large metal sunglasses are only one brand of many that we stock or have access to.

Ray Ban metal sunglasses come with a free case to protect your sunglasses and ensure that they remain with you for a life-time of use. These sunglasses can be worn during the day or night and are available in the Aviator style made famous by Ray Ban for American air pilots. Some celebrities who have worn these are Tom Cruise and Audrey Hepburn. Many other famous celebrities have also worn the wide range of Ray Ban models. Tom Cruise wore a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses in his movie Risky Business.

Ray Ban Metal Sunglasses  

Ray Ban large metal sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth to ensure your sunglasses stay clean and protected from dust and dirt. The cloth is made from a soft non scratch material with a silky sheen.
RRP $175

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