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If you are looking for style and comfort with the added protection of polarized lenses, than Ray Ban have a number of models for you to choose from. The Ray-Ban Predator 4037 polarized Sunglasses combine a big style, protection and resilience. The lenses are made of polarized polycarbonate which blocks 100%UV (ABC) eliminates glare, is practically unbreakable, and is a delight to look through.

The Ray Ban Predator 4037 polarized sunglasses are styled for both men and woman and pack a lot of class that stays in season year after year. Imagine walking down the road when a group of chic ladies spot you wearing Ray Ban predator sunglasses with polarized lenses. They smile and wave out as you amble on past looking cool and calm. They ask, ‘Who was that guy?’. The reply comes ‘I don’t know, but those shades sure look great, and doesn’t Tom Cruise wear them.’

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses You mightn’t be a Tom Cruise, but you can certainly wear the shades he does. And they look just as good on you as they look on him. The price is affordable, and they offer 100% UV protection. They come with hard case to protect the lenses and a cleaning cloth.
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